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Clifford Mee Scam?

Clifford Mee is a highly celebrated Conversational Hypnotherapist, he has also enjoyed unparalleled success in Internet marketing. In light of this, knowing Clifford Mee as the successful man that he is makes you think, are the rumors about a Clifford Mee scam true? There has been a lot of information being passed around with regard to Conversational Hypnosis and the scams that get linked to it, and one of them is the Clifford Mee scam.

Could all this have some sense to it?

Should there be cause for alarm and reason to avoid anything that has Clifford Mee’s name associated with it?

Clifford Mee is successful entrepreneur that runs a home based business and has tried his hand at a variety of businesses, they are so diverse it makes you wonder how they link back to one person. He is now known for his Private Marketing site, which could be what people think, is the platform for the Clifford Mee Scam.

I have visited the site and most of its content is informational in nature, no blatant selling of anything that could be might be branded as a Clifford Mee scam.
There is however a lot of suggestive selling and aggressive marketing, nothing wrong with that, in my opinion.

There may be some aggressive suggestive selling in his website but that hardly makes it a part of a Clifford Mee scam, does it?

Aggressive selling pitches may have been influenced by Clifford’s Conversational Hypnosis venture, which enables him to choose words wisely and utilize the power of persuasive language. If printing highly suggestive sales pitches that may sometimes convince you against your good judgment is a crime then there may be some substance that a Clifford Mee scam is for real.

That however, is not the case; it is not a crime to print such materials, because readers are expected to exercise good judgment in making purchases. Due diligence is required in any purchase of goods, wouldn’t you agree?

Conversational Hypnosis is now one of the focal point of Clifford Mee, he has become a qualified Ericksonian Hypnotist and NLP Master Practitioner, and of course the co author of the massively successful home study course Conversational Hypnosis along with the renowned hypnotist Igor Ledochowski.

It could also be that his mere success in the field of Conversational Hypnosis and Internet marketing, which has made him a force to reckon with. Sometimes success comes at a price, in this case, people who fail to comprehend how staggering Clifford’s success is, think he may have acquired it through illegal means, like the rumored Clifford Mee scam.
The ability to be convincing and resourceful about advertising does not necessarily constitute a crime. Clifford’s success in Conversational Hypnosis and Internet marketing does not make him a part of the Clifford Mee scam.

Colin Henderson is the author.

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