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Is Chocolate The Temptation Of Sin

Temptation lives across the street in a two story contemporary building where the chocolatier resides. His passion and zest for cocoa makes his heartstrings sing. His lust for creating passion drives him each day back into the boiling cauldrons. Melting and mixing the exquisite aromas flutter into the air wafting out into the streets below.

Mouths salivate as their nostrils pick up the sweet scent sliding by on the airfoils of the day. Imaginations fire up pondering the delicate treats the chocolatier has conjured up for the display. He has no menu but there are plenty of pictures hanging around taunting and teasing every patron’s brain.

The cocoa is mixed, pounded and patted, melted and shaped, then sprinkled, and swirled until it is molded into chocolate treats. The treats come out in bowls, and in buckets. Cups, or bags and even on plates. There is this shape and that one piles and mounds, too everything you see has been fused and turned into ice cream, or chocolate bars, or drops and drizzles or truffles and cake, he even makes a fanciful shake.

In the atrium’s windows patrons are spotted resting in between them a daily concoction. Each with a spoon in their hand their faces are amplified as they dig into the soft layers. Of, chocolate, and ice cream resting on top of a bed made from corn flakes, and slivers of almonds, too. There are cubes of dark chocolate next to pineapple chunks all of it drizzled with a warm melted sauce. Another spoon is lifted as bits of dessert escape back into the bowl just before the spoon reaches a mouth.

Salivating as you watch the patrons enjoying their dessert. You cannot help your desire anymore, so you creep up to the doorway, temptation gaining control, as your mouth starts to twitter and your arms pull open the store.

Inside each display case are hundreds of handcrafted truffles sitting there patiently awaiting a purchaser? There are dark ones and green ones and red ones too. Your eyes trickle across the counter in search of the delicacy you watched the other patrons consuming in the windows of the shop. There are bags of espresso beans, and scoops of chocolate cubes but where is the dish the one you were tempted to?

Still unsure of what you had seen, your eyes slowly lift above the display as your eye lock onto a poster near the door, it shows an array of amazing concoctions you’ve never seen or heard of before. Glancing over the poster you spot dozens of choices, your heart beats so quickly and there are all sorts of tiny voices, talking to you quickly from deep in your brain telling you its this one or that one, you should choose.

With a wondrous motion your eyes catch the place where a chocolate sundae comes with sweet red bean paste. Not knowing its foundation nor what might be in store you point and say “chocolate bean paste sundae, por favor,” handing over money and being given a number instead, you are asked to wait as the sugar plumes dance in your head.

The chocolatier is busy whipping up your treat as you sit in eager anticipation of this wondrous treat. Moments upon moments the time finally passes when the staff member comes over to your table with glasses. Setting down a glass of water, a spoon and a napkin she plucks the number balancing in your hand. With a smile and a wink she reaches back down setting in front of you a bowl of delicate charm.

Looking over the dish a smile breaks across your cheeks as you pick up the spoon and begin to eat. The first scoop is over as the sugar dances on your tongue, your taste buds are gleaming saying, “good job son!” Each scoop into this delicate treat brings another smile across your face, as the warm chocolate drizzle meets the sweet red bean paste, you want to go kiss the chocolatier for dreaming up this wonderful dish. Another bite rewards you with corn flakes and almonds, a chocolate cube and pineapple or even a honeydew melon. Each taste is different from the one before but your heart is fulfilled thanks to its creator. And temptation has won once again, the heart of a patron in this world of sin.

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