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Kate Middleton And Prince William – Are They Compatible?

Is Kate Middleton compatible with Prince William? Could their numerology and astrology give us some insight into why their relationship is on and off?

Numerology – Kate Middleton – 9th January 1982 / Prince William – 21st June 1982


Kate | William

– – – – 9 | – – 6 – 9

2 – – – 8 | 2 – – – 8

11 – – – | 11 – – –

Life path 30/3 and Life path 29/11 – At first glance, their charts look similar, the only difference being the 6 in William’s numbers which is missing from Kate’s. However, their life path numbers, a major influencing factor, are not the most compatible of numbers because Prince William is a 29/11, which is a ‘2’, and she’s a ‘3’ – numerologically, odds and evens don’t mix well. However, 2 and 3 being adjacent numbers, they are at least complementary. Both will share an interest in art, beauty, ideas, and social interactions. Two is patient and diplomatic, whereas three is cheerful and open-minded. The 6 will give William an added dimension of being interested in home life, with feelings of nurturing and responsibility that Kate possibly won’t share, although being a Capricorn, she will value permanence and having structure in her life.

If they are willing to accept each other’s differences, understand why they are different and go along with it, rather than fighting it, a long-term companionship could be very energizing and supportive.

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Kate Middleton

She is also a passive 3, which can mean she may lack concentration, with a failure to fully develop her creative potential; she may be asexual and gloomy at times and lack imagination. This will be an extra challenge for her, and Prince William, being a 29/11, will be extraordinarily imaginative, with tremendous creative potential.

Life Path 3: Many Life Path 3s are drawn towards careers in the performing arts, particularly dance; the total expression of body and mind. The creative urge can drive people to the figurative arts and writing, or careers that might appear more ‘acceptable’ to puritanical peers, but yet which still offer a creative outlet: painting and decorating, carpentry and plastering; or maybe a job with a strong customer focus where the individual can use their gift with words and experience the fulfillment of the interplay of human dialog.

A Life Path 3 should avoid pettiness and superficiality, and be wary of speaking endlessly and having very little to say. They need to discipline their energies and resist spreading their talents too thinly. Threes often run with the ‘in crowd’ and when out of harmony can squander away talent in self-indulgence, luxury and pseudo-sophistication.

They have only to experience the joy of being with friends to be reminded of their own potential to amuse, arouse and inspire the world around them.

She has two lines of weakness (one of which she shares with William):

The Line of Frustration

Family life or career can suffer if the person fails to act independently of the will of others. Responsibility must be taken in fulfilling one’s own needs and desires. Care must be taken not to live your life through others, especially your children.

Like Prince William, she also has:

The Line of the Skeptic

This missing line is all about the person’s willingness to accept that which cannot be proven by scientific means, i.e. religion, spirituality or occult sciences (such as numerology!). Other aspects of the person’s numerological background, such as their Life Path number, can give a true indication as to which end of the scale of skepticism the person sympathizes with. This line can indicate anything from total skepticism of anything metaphysical through to an enlightened, open-minded approach to the mysteries of existence.

For more details of Prince William’s numerology, see separate article: Prince William – Famous Peoples’ Numerology – How it Can Help You

X – X – X – X – X

Kate and William’s Astrology

Kate is a Capricorn and Prince William a Gemini cusp.

Capricorns reflect Saturn’s conservatism, an earthy practicality. Being an earth sign, there is a sensuality in Capricorns but some can tend to keep it hidden, the practicality of this sign often being a bit of a dampener on their romantic opportunities. They find it harder than most to express their emotions, thinking that there is a risk involved in exposing the vulnerability of their feelings. There is also a need in Capricorns to have a partner they respect. If they choose a partner who increases their social standing, they consider it all the better.

Capricorns have inherent ambition and will work tirelessly to get to the top of their chosen field. The Capricorn will wear good shoes and the best quality fabrics purchased at the best value. They will be understated, but effective in making a professional impression. They can seem like serious and stand-offish personalities, but anyone who knows a Capricornian well, will be able to tell you that this appearance masks an inherent shyness and self-consciousness.

Capricorn is much better at arranging a business meeting than making a date. On top of that, getting them to admit that they have romantic yearnings, beneath a cool and self-assured exterior, might not be easy! But don’t despair – Capricorns have a great sense of humor, and deep down really do want to let their hair down and have fun! They sometimes seem to be eternal pessimists and are never outwardly demonstrative in public. However, the Capricorn, being truly a traditionalist, believes in the sanctity of love and marriage. So once a good relationship gets underway, this sign will be a really supportive partner, full of constructive advice, and stick by them through thick and thin.

Astrological Compatibility

Kate Middleton – Capricorn (Dec22-Jan20) & Prince William – Gemini (May22-Jun21)

Oddly enough, this is a relationship that can work for the wrong reason. Capricorns can be real workaholics, coming across as comfier with their accounts, and fonder of their five thousand files, than with their own true love. As far as the Gemini is concerned, it gives them a license to leap about town having a terrific time, and no questions asked. After all, they’ll answer when you ask, and the Goat’s too busy in the boardroom to bother.

Neither of them will know what the other one is doing, so they could both be ferociously unfaithful, flirting and philandering all over the place, and neither will be any the wiser. And unless the promise of a more alluring amour hits them right between the eyes, they won’t want to alter the arrangement.

When it works, this little liaison can have a very naughty feel to it, as though both partners know they’re up to no good, but that’s not going to stop ’em! If they’re not very careful, they can lose sight of their relationship, and convert it from a love match into a contest to see who can get the most out of it. Sometimes they can become very cunning and conniving, saturating their set-up with stealth.

Make no mistake, Goats are gorgeous, in a wary, well-let’s-think-about-it sort of way. The restraining rings of their ruler, superb Saturn, make them cautious, careful and considering. Some of them can also be incredibly conservative, with more than just a hint of being old-fashioned. Geminis, on the other hand, are usually one step ahead of everyone else, always seeking out something new, changing their Mercurial minds at the toss of a hat, and scampering from stone to stone along life’s highway. Put all that together, and it can add up to an awful amount of angst, as the Goat and the Gemini try to communicate and find that they don’t know where to start.

With the male being the Gemini and the woman the Goat, it could be heartbreaks galore. The Capricorn woman is instilled with the need for secure and solid foundations at the root of her daily round, and if there’s one thing a Gemini man can’t cope with, it’s being nagged about security. Being tied down is not for him. She doesn’t like her world to be wobbled by the merest millimeter, but the Mercurial man is one of the biggest wobblers about!

X – O – X – O – X – O – X

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