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4 Activities That Will Help You Start Exercising

Fitness is a process. One does not simply “decide” to improve their health one day. Rather, the only way to experience meaningful fitness progress is to diet and exercise effectively for a sustained period of time. Of course, doing that is much easier said than done. As such, many people with good intentions struggle to get started with a new workout routine. With that in mind, today we’ll share a few fun activities that can help people new to exercising develop good habits and “get in the groove”  –– so to speak. Check them out here:

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Short Walks

It’s difficult to overstate the benefits of a brisk walk. Walking is a mild exercise that many people find particularly refreshing. Plus, you can take a walk basically anywhere, any time, and with anyone. Note, if you have difficulty walking for prolonged periods of time, you may want to see a foot specialist. New shoes and products like the bunion splint don’t treat the root cause foot pain, so go see a doctor if you’re unable to move around freely.


Sports are a fantastic gateway to better exercise practices. Naturally, it’s helpful that sports are a lot of fun. Going out and playing soccer, basketball, softball etc., with your friends or colleagues can be an absolute blast. Additionally, many sports require participants to run, jump, dive, and generally move in a myriad of different ways. So it’s possible to get a full-body workout from a quick pickup game.


If you have access to a public pool –– and you want to start exercising more often –– then book time out to swim laps. Swimming works out a variety of muscle groups in a low-impact manner. This means that people who have sustained soft-tissue injuries in the past can use swimming to exercise without putting unnecessary strain on their joints or muscles. Some people may forget about swimming during the winter months, but if you live near a YMCA or recreational center, odds are there’s an indoor pool you can use for relatively cheap.


Like sports, yoga is popular because it’s fun, accessible to basically all people, and allows for group participation. What’s more, yoga is something that you can do in the comfort of your own living room. All you need is a mat and a little time to complete a session.


Trying something new for the first time can be a little frightening. However, the good news is that any of these activities can help you start exercising again with more regularity. And once you start, you’ll find it much easier to keep going!