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DIY natural home fragrance ideas

Home fragrance is big business. “The global home fragrance market size was valued at USD $6.7 billion in 2018,” reported Grand View Research last June.

Some money saving solutions to make your house smell good include these suggested by

1. Light an inexpensive votive candle (a package that includes several can be purchased at a dollar or discount store) and set in a dish of plain or flavored coffee beans.
2. Simmer on the stove a pan of water with dried or fresh herbs and dried fruit; or, simmer fresh lemon, apple or orange rinds.
3. To make a reed diffuser, insert reed sticks, chopsticks or skewers into a small vase or bottle filled with 3.5 ounces of a liquid carrier oil, like coconut oil or baby oil, and add three to five drops of a favorite essential oil.
4. Purchase an essential oil diffuser and essential oils, which last a long time since only a few drops at a time are necessary.
5. Add daily a drop of an essential oil, such as lemon, orange or peppermint, to garbage cans.
6. Add a few drops of an essential oil to a spray bottle full of water; use as a room spray. suggested growing such herbs as lavender, lemon balm, basil and all types of mint, which will release their aromas when they are brushed against or touched. Enjoy the herbs’ fragrances indoors by clipping sprigs and adding to a vase or any container of water. Or, dry herbs by hanging upside down, then crumble and tie the dried herbs into a fabric satchet and add to drawers or under pillows.

And several types of containers, including small flower pots or Mason jars, can hold essential oil-scented homemade candle wax and a wick. Online tutorials teach easy candle making.