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Problem With Excessive Sweating – This Will Help

If you suffer from embarrassing underarm wetness it is quite possible that you are looking for any and every possible method to stop excessive sweating. Gone are the days when this trait was accepted as an undisputed though certainly unwelcome fact of life. In today’s society you are expected not to have this particular problem. If you have it though, there have been few options open to you in the past other than trying yet another brand of deodorant and/or antiperspirant.

Dealing with the Anxiety of Excessive Sweating

Whether you want to call it perspiration or sweat there is nothing genteel about it in excess. In fact, you will probably invest a great deal of time and effort towards your efforts to quit or break this pattern with very few results. It is important to remember that sweating is normal and excess sweating is relatively rare.

The Hard Way

Like most things in life there is an easy way to achieve your goals and a method (or a few) that isn’t quite as simple. So, what are some of the methods that have been used to try and reduce sweating or treat the problem we all know and love as excessive sweating?

Botox–this treatment is good for more than removing those dreaded laugh lines. This method works by paralyzing the sweat glands so that they aren’t producing that humiliating wetness.

Aluminum Chloride-while this ingredient is present in many deodorant products it isn’t in a strong enough concentration to be highly effective as a tool to stop excessive sweating. Products with a larger concentration of this key ingredient are available through your doctor.

Botox can be quite expensive and aluminum chloride is a bit of a challenge to find. Neither are guaranteed to work. This makes them unattractive choices in the long run. If you think there ought to be a better way then you are in luck.

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NLP and Hypnotherapy Combat Excess Sweat

NLP is an important tool when it comes to overcoming excess sweating. The problem with excess sweating is that this condition is generally filled with anxiety, which only serves to make the problem worse. Hypnotherapy works by diving in and delving below the surface in order to reduce the sweating that is related to fear. This leads to less sweat and fewer things to sweat about.

Treating anxiety through NLP or hypnotherapy is generally the first step towards your efforts to stop excessive sweating. You might also wish to consider the value of hypnotherapy to combat blushing along with your excessive sweating treatment to alleviate other types of anxiety that might ultimately lead to an increase in sweating. This treatment generally required two or three sessions that last about an hour long each and can be effective for a long period of time and involves a combination of hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming rather than one or the other. It is the combination that makes this treatment so effective for anxiety relief.

J J Seymour is a writer with Self Help Recordings. Hypnotherapy and NLP can be very effective in your effort to Stop Excessive Sweating – one good source of experienced hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners is Just Be Well. This organization has experienced professionals throughout the UK in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Buckinghamshire, East Anglia, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Surrey, Sussex and Scotland. You will also find links to related practitioners for treatment of excessive sweating in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada, for Dublin, Ireland, and for Sydney, Melbourne and Perth in Australia. These people deal with a wide range of fears and phobias and for more information on issues treated go here – Excessive Sweating Treatment.

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