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Over The Past Two Decades, This Blonde Babe Has Been Racking Up A Wild Amount Of Sexy Credits

AnnaLynne McCord will certainly strike a horny “McChord” in your pants with pretty much anything she’s been in since the mid-2000s. This scalding hot, curly-topped blonde babe has been racking up a wild amount of sexy credits over the past two decades, and the gorgeous gal shows no signs of slowing down. AnnaLynne entered the entertainment biz as a model (shocker!). She parlayed her successful posing career into bit roles in movies like Transporter 2 (2005) and TV shows like The O.C. (2006) and Ugly Betty (2007).

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Finally, she hit the big time with a few TV shows that sent her into the stratosphere of spank bank material, including American Heiress (2007), Nip/Tuck (2007), and the 90210 (2008) reboot, in which she took on a leading role. AnnaLynne has also turned in some big screen sexiness with the flicks 68 Kill (2017), Scorned (2013), and Officer Down (2013). She has yet to make a proper nude appearance, but we used our talented team of sexy spotters to seek out and select a couple of sultry nude slips. Her uncontainable booty makes a popped out cameo while she’s escaping zombies in the scary 2008 flick Day of the Dead. We also caught a quick nip slip in the crime thriller Gunshot Straight (2014). You’re welcome! Don’t worry guys, we’re on the case and AnnaLynne sets off sexy flags every time she hits the screen. As long as this star keeps piling up the sexy clips, we’ll keep compiling the best of her bits!