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No Doubt, That Sanaa Would Go Into The Business Called Show

Sanaa Lathan is the product of a bi-coastal union between entertainment professionals: Stan Lathan, a television producer, and Eleanor McCoy, a Broadway actress. She made her big-screen debut in Drive (1996). It was only a bit part, but she followed it up with guest spots on Moesha, In the House, and Family Matters, all in the span of a few months.

In 1997 Sanaa appeared on the sitcom Built to Last, which was unfortunately built to be canceled. After a stint on the short lived Al Franken sitcom LateLine, Sanaa took a brief turn in the Wesley Snipes vampire action picture Blade (1998). That in turn led to bigger and better roles in movies such as Life (1999) and The Best Man (1999).

Sanaa first unleashed her massive round breasts to the world in Love & Basketball (2000) opposite Omar Epps. He apparently liked what he saw, seeing as they ended up hot and heavily engaged. It’s also worthwhile to add that Sanaa again released her heaving bosom, this time for Snipes when she teamed up with him for Disappearing Acts (2000).

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Looks like the only disappearing act was her bra from her boobs. We’d have to wait nearly two decades for another Sanaa skin reveal. She showed just a smidge of rack ridge in Nappily Ever After and The Affair (both in 2018). “Sanaa” means “piece of art” in Arabic and the exact same thing in Mr. Skinglish.