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Michele Morrone – The Beefcake With A Chiseled Bod

Michele Morrone is an Italian stallion who looks a little bit like if Joe Manganiello and Criss Angel had a mind freak baby in Melegnano, Italy. That would certainly birth the absolutely shredded and sexy Italian hunk. This utter beefcake with a chiseled bod and a plump rump got his start in 2015’s The Teacher as Bruno Sacchi. He then rose the ranks of Italian television dramas and moves with roles as Luigi in Bar Joseph (2019), Marcello My in Renata Fonte (2018), Ship Captain in Medici (2019) and most notably as Claudio Cavalleri in The Trial (2019). No need for a trial to see the evidence that Michele is a star.

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All you need to see is 365 Days (2020) where he plays a young mob boss named Massimo. Massimo gives us mass dudity with looks of his hot body from ass to cock. Yes, we see his cock! We see his muscular peach a few times including a purple-lit scene that will turn you into a one-eyed purple ass eater. He also goes nude on the beach and in the shower which is where we see his sexy shaft. Watch the water drip down his abs and straight to his cock. In another scene on an airplane, Michele gets a blowjob that does show a closeup of his penis in the stewardess’ mouth. However, that cock isn’t real. For the real deal, go back to that shower and get yourself dirty while he gets clean.

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