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Maya Hawke Is At It Again

Singer, songwriter, actress, and daughter of two super famous hot people, Maya Hawke is at it again. As Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke’s daughter, this beauty is a natural on-screen and a natural looker, too. She’s also incredibly naturally talented. She has been releasing music videos featuring her original music and her latest “Generous Heart” is just as good as everything else that she’s released. The music video was released as a preview for her debut album and the tender song is accompanied by a very tender look at Maya wearing barely anything at all. She’s the most gorgeous thing in this scenic scene where she rings out her clothes at a waterfall.

That means that she really isn’t wearing her clothes. Maya Hawke plays herself, a forlorn lady with big blue eyes and a sensual pout, as she crouches down on a rock. You’ll get rock hard when you see her lean forward to twist her wet clothes and show a sneak peak at her pair. Check out her left boob when she reaches forward. Then she sits down on the rock nude for a minute and just thinks. What is she thinking about? Is she considering how gorgeous she is? Is she thinking about being even more generous with showing her budding sensuality and beautiful body? We certainly hope so! This music video is a knockout in our eyes, as is Maya as usual. We’re loving Maya’s exploration of her relationship with onscreen nudity and are thankful that she’s been so generous with it.

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