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RISTEN STEWART AND GIRLFRIEND STELLA MAXWELL SHOCK FANS WITH RUNDOWN CAR AFTER RUN-IN WITH ROBERT PATTINSON.Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell continue to surprise fans with their interesting lifestyle choices. The couple is well known for their off-the-wall and nonconformist ways of dressing, but this time, they are making news with not what they are wearing, but what they are choosing to drive.

While most Hollywood A-listers like to show off their wealth by driving around in expensive, imported cars, Kristen Stewart likes to keep things humble when it comes to her automobile. The star of Personal Shopper shocked all her followers when she was seen getting into a beat-up Toyota pickup with her girlfriend this week.

“The 27-year-old actress, who isn’t short of a buck or two, prefers to go incognito in a blue, beaten up Toyota pick-up truck that would surprise most valets at venues around Los Angeles,” reported the Daily Mail.

Since Paris Fashion Week, Kristen and Stella have been inseparable, spending every possible moment together. With their careers as actress and model taking off, it has been tricky for them to develop their romantic relationship. Despite the odds, the two have been going steady, surprising fans who know the dating habits of the 27-year-old actress.
Just in 2016 alone, the Twilight actress found herself dating many women: Alicia Cargile, SoKo, and St. Vincent. She did not hesitate to appear with them in many red carpet events, showing that she will not be limited in how she chooses to live her personal life.

This was not always the case. When she was dating Robert Pattinson, she felt as if “the public were the enemy” and that she could not be free with her life. In fact, things blew up when she was caught cheating on Robert with one of her directors. Since then, Robert and Kristen have gone on their separate ways, managing to find girlfriends that match their lifestyles.

However, being Hollywood celebrities means that it is only a matter of time till they run into each other. The most recent time that this run-in happened was when they were traveling on the same flight from Paris to Los Angeles on June 7. According to Teen Vogue, they were both with their partners, Robert with FKA twigs, and Kristen with Stella.

Whatever happened on the flight, both couples made it safely back to Los Angeles. Stella posted about how happy she is to be back on the west coast after traveling for so long.Do you think Kristen and Stella will extend their romance into fall and winter?