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Celebrity Psychics – Fake, Pretender Or A Fraud The Easy Way To Tell

Are celebrity psychics any good? Is there any advantage to getting a reading by someone who has been on TV… or is that NOT the best way to gauge genuine or authentic psychic talent or abilities? In this article we are going to take a quick look at some of the easiest ways to tell is if a celebrity psychic is the real deal, or whether you should avoid them (and their shows) like the plague. Read on…:-)

Rule #1: No Psychic Knows Everything (Ever)

And if they pretend like they do, it’s an easy way to tell they are NOT in harmony with real intuitive abilities. Remember, psychic abilities are like having a wide window into a wonderful world of INTERPRETIVE intuition that many of us simply can’t access. But they are NOT about having ALL of the answers, knowing every possible potential possibility or outcome, and many celebrity readers have been known to “put on” the appearance that they are BIGGER than the gift itself. (if you see this – it’s a good sign they are NOT the real deal at all, or aren’t worth trusting even if they do have “some” psychic skill)

Rule #2: A Psychic Who Charges a FORTUNE, Should Not Be Trusted (in Our Opinion)

Why? Again, it goes against the natural order of gratitude for ones gifts. To live in abundance through your gifts is great, but to live in GREED, is not. And celebrity psychics who charge 500 per hour to ordinary people is not an expression of gratitude for their gift. Doing only high priced “performances” is not an expression of genuine skill, talent or empathy… which at heart, is the emotion that drives MOST genuine intuitives to be able to read your energy in the first place!

The Bottom Line is This…

There are many gifted psychics that aren’t household names, and are much more accessible ( and talented) than the ones who are out of reach for most of us. If you truly need insight, intuition and intelligent advice to help shape your future, you do NOT need to find your solution on TV!

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