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How to turn a bad day into a better one

On any given day, millions of Americans experience a general feeling of malaise, melancholia and/or annoyance. These feelings may result in a “bad day,” but Harvard Business Review’s “How to Turn a Bad Day Around” involves:

‒ Choosing positivity — a glass-half-full mentality.
‒ Considering at least three things to be grateful for.
‒ Contemplating accomplishments, be they professional, personal, philanthropic, spiritual, etc.
‒ Reflecting on bad-day triggers and trying to avoid them or learning coping tactics (i.e. deep breaths, calming visualizations).
‒ Setting realistic expectations for the day and the circumstances.
‒ Modifying routine — a different coffee shop, outfit, music, exercise or activity can set a different tone.
‒ Taking action instead of just going through the motions.

Regarding the latter, “You might be buried in your inbox, but if you take two minutes to send an email praising or thanking someone else, you’ll actually feel like you’ve gained time,” asserted Harvard Business Review.

Because negative emotions can “spread like wildfire” — be they at work, in the home or on vacation — Harvard Business Review also cautions individuals to avoid a victim-of-your-circumstances mentality: “You choose whether to be negative or positive.”

For people who may need regular high-tech nudges out of daily doldrums, in February listed “Positive Thinking Apps That Can Change Your Outlook,” such as:

‒ Live Happy: Free to Android users of 5.0 and up devices
‒ Happify: Free to Apple product users
‒ Think Up: Free to Apple product users, with a subscription service available for premium perks
‒ Thought Diary: $2.99 to Apple product users added: “Maintaining a daily gratitude journaling practice, focusing on positive affirmations each morning, or simply making an effort to catch and change negative thoughts throughout the day can all work.”

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