Protect Your Home – Even Celebrities Are Starting To Protect Their Homes

Protect your home

From the super-rich to the commoner, everyone loves his or her home and his or her possessions just as much as anyone else around. Homes as well as the assets which your home holds are built with care and patience. So, it is only natural that you would like to protect your home and assets and would not like anyone to steal or damage them.

In today’s modern world, a number of hi-tech options are available to you to protect your home and property from damage and burglary. Celebrities are known to give sufficient importance to the aspect of their home security. Celebrities all over the world are known to employ full time armed security guards to protect their homes and property. In addition to hefty salaries, all the work related expenses of such guards and security personnel are met by the celebrities. They travel first class and stay at the best of hotels with the celebrities in the nearest rooms to ensure ready availability in the event of any threat to the body or belongings of the celebrity. And undoubtedly, many security personnel guarding celebrities are known to have received bullet injuries while performing their duties.

Many celebrities live in apartments which have panic rooms where the celebrity and family members can hide themselves in case an intruder finds his or her way into their home. Bullet proof glass is also extensively used in many celebrity homes. Yet some other celebrity homes are equipped with iris scanners for gaining access to their homes.

Not many people missed the front page news reporting a burglary that happened in the house of a famous celebrity actress living in NYC around 2 weeks ago. As luck would have it, she was away shooting for a film when the burglars broke in. The security camera recording was handed over to the investigators and the three burglars were caught soon thereafter.

It was widely reported that the celebrity home in question was equipped with state of the art security gadgets which included motion sensors, high security CCTV cameras and burglar alarms. This was in addition to the round the clock security guards.

While you may not have security guards to protect your home and property, it would not be a bad idea to install security devices like motion sensors, high security cameras and burglar alarms, to begin with!

Luckily for you, there are home security experts who offer free reports to those who are serious in protecting their homes with the latest equipment for a low price.


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