Jenna Ortega, The Cutie Out Of The Coachella Valley

This cutie out of the Coachella Valley, Cali is definitely a star already, despite barely being on the other side of 18! Jenna Ortega was born in 2002 in the Inland Empire of California and before she was 10, was already acting in some of the biggest movies and TV shows in Los Angeles.

She started off with a few smaller roles on shows like Rob, CSI: New York, and Days of Our Lives but the following year, she was cast in Iron Man 3 (2013) and Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) and it was off to the acting races for this rising star!

From there, she was in pretty much everything on a screen, she was on Rake, Awesomeness TV, Richie Rich, Stuck in the Middle, and Jane the Virgin. She blew up even more when she was cast on the hit Netflix series You in 2019 and has now become a full fledged movie star with roles in Wyrm (2019), The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020), and Yes Day (2021).

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She comes our way though in the all too real 2021 drama about a school shooting called The Fallout, where she plays high school senior Vada, who grows incredibly close with fellow survivor and popular girl, Mia (Maddie Ziegler) after their shared tragedy. The two become so incredibly close that they actually end up sharing a sapphic smooch while bonding in bed!

2022 was a banner year for Jenna, thanks to the double whammy of Ti West’s horror on a porno set, X, right before taking on the role of Wednesday Addams in Wednesday, Tim Burton’s TV series re-imagining of everyone’s favorite spooky clan with their moody daughter as the lead this time.

Her newfound stardom led to snacking on spicy wings on the hit Youtube series Hot Ones and gifting eagle-eyed viewers with a surprising and much welcome nip slip! Now we get to see the all grown up Jenna in the newest Scream (2022)  Hopefully as her career takes off, this hottie keeps the skin-tillating material coming!