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Olivia Wilde A New York City Native With Her Eyes Set On Total Hollywood Domination!

Olivia Wilde Nude And Sexy Pics And Vids

Olivia Wilde is a New York City native with her eyes set on total Hollywood domination! She got her start as a young nubile actress on a handful of teen shows before evolving into a well-respected adult actress who never lost her arresting looks. But being a sex symbol and an in-demand A-lister wasn’t enough for Olivia. She proved herself to be a talented director with her breakout 2019 comedy Booksmart, which she also wrote. Plus Olivia made a huge splash in 2022 with her Harry Styles-starrer Don’t Worry Darling. It didn’t receive the raves that Booksmart did, but the drama surrounding the movie’s production proved that the media has an insatiable appetite for all things Olivia Wilde. All nudes is good nudes!

But you’re here for Olivia Wilde nude pics and vids, and those you shall receive. She’s anything but a tease and kicked off her nudity career all the way back in 2006 with Alpha Dog before stripping down for an incredible nude scene in 2013’s Third Person, a skinny dipping scene in the same year’s Drinking Buddies, and of course her best nude role to date – as an appropriately be-merkined 70s bohemian babe in HBO’s big-budget but short-lived series Vinyl. Keep reading for all of the most important Olivia Wilde deets and teats!

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Olivia Wilde’s Sexy Start

Olivia Wilde made a wild debut in the sadly short-lived Fox drama Skin. She played Jewel Goldman but never lived up to the show’s title by sharing a look at her precious gems. In an attempt to typecast herself as something of a sexually liberated actress she next appeared in The Girl Next Door (2004), a comedy about teens who make a porn movie. Great premise, but the promise of no-holes-barred nudity was sadly not fulfilled. Continuing along her provocative career path, Olivia made her biggest splash on the hit TV drama The O.C. Her character, Alex Kelly, was bisexual, which makes one think the initials of the show’s title don’t stand for Orange County but “Outrageously Controversial”. It was also during these early years that Wilde let her pokies do their thing in a bikini in 2006’s Turistas. And speaking of pokies, you won’t find any pokier pokies than in Bickford Shmeckler’s Cool Ideas, where Olivia leans into her girl gone wild image by appearing braless in a toga! Whoa-ga!

Olivia Kicks Off Her Nudity Career

But 2006 wasn’t only about pokies. This was also the year that Olivia Wilde pleased nudity fans with her first ever nude appearance. The tease finally came clean, or that may be dirty, by making her boob-baring nude debut in Alpha Dog, starring Sharon Stone, Justin Timberlake, and Emile Hirsch. A full hour and forty-five minutes into Alpha Dog, Olivia gets it on with Emile in a motel room, but he can’t get it up, despite the presence of nude Olivia Wilde. Yup, she casually reveals her flawless body complete with insane natural breasts in her first nude role ever. It’s not an Olivia Wilde sex tape, but it’s the closest we’re going to get. So you better enjoy! At least more than Emile did.

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She’s A Brick, House

Despite an impressively steady early acting career, Olivia Wilde didn’t become a household name until she nabbed a major role on the long-running Fox medical drama House. Her character Remy “Thirteen” Hadley, M.D was introduced in the show’s fourth season in 2007 and while Olivia Wilde’s content on House is pretty tame (we get a couple of sexy shot but nothing to write home about), her presence alone was enough to put a smile on the faces of all the dads watching the show. But they wanted more, and more they would get…

The Early 2010s – The Era Of Olivia Wilde

The early 2010s were huge for Olivia Wilde as this is the time that her career really skyrocketed. She starred in 2011’s big budget financial swing and a miss Cowboys & Aliens, where we’re treated to a darkly lit but glorious all the same butt shot by a fire. Plus in 2011 Wilde continued to lean into her sexpot image as the sexy assistant in the dubious switched-bodies comedy The Change-Up. Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman switch bodies, and Olivia gets with Jason when he’s in Ryan’s body. Oof!

Just one year later Olivia Wilde bared her breasts while getting it from a dude in Deadfall. Also in 2013 you can catch her T&A-flaunting performance in the star-studded stinker Third Person  – which delivers one of Wilde’s best nude scenes to date. Liam Neeson has the pleasure of greeting Olivia Wilde at the door fully naked. Wait that sounded weird. Liam isn’t nude, Olivia is! Her bush remains strategically covered but we’re treated to some terrific looks at her ta-tas and toot-toot. Now if that rack and rump in Third Person don’t make your third leg grow, nothing will!

And in Joe Swanberg’s 2013 lo-fi ensemble dramedy Drinking Buddies, her boobies blow a perfect 10 on the breast-a-lyzer! Wilde flirts with Jake Johnson by stripping naked on the beach and going skinny dipping. The nudity kept flowing and we got heavily skintoxicated into the mid-2010s as well. Wait for it…

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Olivia Wilde’s Best Nude Role – HBO’s Vinyl

Martin Scorsese’s Vinyl brought Olivia back to the boob tube as the wife of series star Bobby Cannavale, and took her for a topless spin just two episodes in before she went full frontal wearing the world’s fluffiest merkin! It’s not everyday that a movie star saves her best nudity for the small screen, and we just have to thank the horned-up HBO exects for making our Wilde-st dreams come true! Olivia Wilde’s nude scene in Vinyl is so hot that she even nabbed a 2017 Anatomy Award for Best Full Frontal for it, so we can only hope to see more soon!

In Conclusion

So, did we deliver Wilde nude porn videos? Sadly no. But we did our darndest, and we have a feeling that you left this celeb bio satisfied! Olivia Wilde’s career is as wild as the wind and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with, and off with, next! Check out every single Olivia Wilde nude scene below, from her humble beginning in Alpha Dog to her many early 2010s hits to her explosive frontal shot in Vinyl. Look no further, this is where Wilde’s things are!